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Why Maintenance?

Maintenance is key to success for maintaining a healthy property. Residents are more likely to renew their lease with consistent and timely maintenance requests. We pride ourselves on delivering consistently superior management maintenance. Time is money, preventative maintenance saves both!

Inspections of potential problems now can avoid repairs in the future!

Roof inspection to the left of a rubber roof to avoid roof leaks!

Gas meter inspection to the right to, see the rusted pipes, shows that water is coming from the street above!

Type of Maintenance?

  • 24/7 emergency service, we have a hotline available for residents and owners in the time of their need. You have peace of mind that property is monitored at all times.

  • For condominium boards, we create weekly-monthly inspections based upon the property needs.

  • Service calls with readily accessible staff during normal business hours via email or phone.

  • For investors, we create detailed maintenance and capital expenditures based on your goals and expectations

  • Routine maintenance to continue monitorization and prevent further costly repairs.

  • Maintenance equipment and a specialized team to service your property and grounds.

Maintenance projects to preventative maintenance, we do it all!

Clear communication of work being completed, costs, and time for completion.

Who Is Completing The Maintenance?

​We have a team of maintenance technicians specialized in many fields. Depending on the situation and issues, we will send the most qualified technician to the site. At times the maintenance requires more hands on deck, we have a list of trusted and qualified vendors that we work with that will assist. We ensure that you are also aware of the costs during the entire process! No surprises, transparency is key!

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